Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A book for those who wants to shed extra killos.

Are you the one who wants to shed all those extra kilos and don’t get time to exercise? Do you think working out is boring? Do you lose hope of joining a gym only because you know you’d quit eventually? Do you want to look good and feel good but aren’t motivated enough to do something about your bodies or don’t have enough time to invest in a fitness regime?
If your response to any of those questions is affirmative, trust, this book is for YOU.
Vesna’s tone and writing are clear, positive and professional. With “Work it Out Without a Workout”, she has provided an empowering and challenging must – read for people who want to work it out without really a workout. Not only does she motivate you along with covering all minutest of details logically and scientifically, she also talks of her own health failures in the first few chapters of the book, which makes the reader connect with her immediately.

New titles

The library added 250 new titles to its collection during the last fortnight. Prominent title among them are Work it out without a workout / Jacob, Vesna P.; India`s greatest speeches/ Agarwal, Nitin; If truth be told : monk`s memoir / Swami, Om; Wolf / Hayder, Mo; Fields of blood : religion and the history of violence/ Armstrong, Karen; Making of exile : Sindhi hindus and the partition of India / Bhavnani, Nandita; Gypsy goddess / Kandasamy, Meena; Age erase: your ultimate beauty bible to aging gracefully / Shetty, Rashmi; Habermas : introduction and analysis/ Ingram, David; Branson : behind the mask / Bower, Tom; Childhood of Jesus/ Coetzee, J.M.; Bones of the lost/ Reichs, Kathy; Einstein pursuit / Kuzneski, Chris; Edge of power/ Sinha, Tuhin A.; Eye of God/ Rollins, James; Buried / Adler-Oslen, Jussi; Frog music / Donoghue, Emma; Age of wrath : history of Delhi Sultanate / Eraly, Abraham; Losing my religion / Mudagal, Vishwas; Sikhs & Sikhism / Mcleod, W.H.

Did you know? Shree Pundalik, India’s first feature film was released today i.e. 18th May 1912.