Monday, 1 August 2016

New Title

The library added three hundred books to its collection during the last fortnight. Prominent titles among them are Being Salman/ Khan, Jasim; Right to information/ Walia, Paramjitkaur J.; Domestic violence and women rights/ Sarkar, Sukanta, ed.; A handbook for my lover/ D’Mello, Rosalyn; Super genes : unlock the astonishing power of your DNA for optimum health and well-being/ Chopra, Deepak; Mantra tantra yantra/ Prosoon, Shrikant; Don’t hold the chain/ Bedi, Kuldeep Singh; Leaf from military life/ Vig, Purshotam; Mind over matter/ Roberts, Nora; Making of Babaji inc./ Bhinder, Shravya; Being Hindu : old faith, new world and you/ Sengupta, Hindol; Life on the edge : coming of age of quantum biology/ Al-Khalili, Jim; Alfred Kropp : the thirteenth skull/ Yancey, Rick; 1916 : a global history/ Jeffery, Keith; Super kids/ Agarwal, Suman; Human geography/ Sharma, Sandeep; Long dream of home : persecution, exodus and exile of Kashmiri Pandits/ Gigoo, Siddhartha, ed.; Darkness and the thunder : 1915 : the great war series/ Binns, Stewart; Rose society/ Lu, Marie; Strangers to ourselves/ Deshpande, Shashi

Did you know? Shree Pundalik, India’s first feature film was released today i.e. 18th May 1912.