Tuesday, 3 October 2017


What's YOUR Reputation? When people talk about you behind your back, what are they saying and thinking? When people need what you offer, how do you get them to think of you first, instead of your competition? The answer lies in your personal reputation. To be the 'go to' professional for what you do, you must create, build and sustain the best possible name for yourself. It's your most powerful weapon in a cluttered marketplace. Whether you're employed or self-employed, there are rules for building your personal reputation. In this unique book, Rob Brown reveals all the reputation secrets you need to win more business, create more opportunities and attract the wealth, fame and success you deserve. Discover: * What a good reputation can do for you * How to define and design your personal reputation * Over 70 different tools, tips and tactics for building your reputation * The 17 unbreakable laws of building and keeping your good name Having spoken at conferences with Rob, I know his dedication and expertise in this largely untouched field will do wonders for your reputation, your wallet and your opportunities. This book is a 'must read'! Sir Digby Jones, former Director-General, CBI Personal reputation is an elusive reality. Rob Brown shows how clarity of goals and a systematic approach can help anyone improve, sustain and protect their reputation. Whether you are a novice or a master of the reputation universe, Rob's pearls of wisdom will keep you on the right track. Richard Chaplin, Founder and Executive Director, Managing Partners' Forum Absorbing. Helpful. Practical. And important. I strongly recommend this book. David Maister, world authority on managing professional service firms and co-author of 'The Trusted Advisor'


The library added 500 books during the last fortnight. Prominent titles are Rise of big business in India. / Kamal Aron Mitra Chenoy .South African Gandhi: stretcher - bearer of empire. / Ashwin Desai. Dove's lament. / Jayakumar Kirthi.Singing Guru: legends and adventures of Guru Nanak, the first sikh. / Kamla K. In praise of kali: approaching the primordial adya kali through the song of her hundred names. / Aditi Devi. Laws of wisdom: shine your diamond within. / Ryuho Okawa. One hundred inspiring stories to enrich your life . / G. Francis Xavier .Myths of the Asanas: stories at the heart of yoga. / Alanna Kaivalya .How to build your reputation: secrets of becoming the 'go to' professional in a crowded marketplace. / Rob Brown. Steady way to greatness: liberate your intuitive potential and manifest your heartfelt desires. Melanie Barnum.Awaken your third eye: access your sixth sense for knowledge, intuition and illumination. / Susan Shumsky . Entrepreneur mind: hundred essential beliefs, characteristics and habits of elite entrepreneurs. / Kevin D. Johnson. Bebey de gharelu nuskhey . / Sohan Singh Oberoi.Gunaa naal bharpur phal te sabzian. /Sohan Singh Oberoi .Bachian dian sehat sabandhi one hundred one samasyawan : mata - pita lai ik practical guide . /Pradeep Kumar. Hindu samrajvaad da itihas: satyemev jayte . / Dharma Tirtha .Khabran de aar - paar : sampadkiyan . /Varinder Singh Walia .Krishan : myth ate lokdhara ./ Harsimran Kaur .Pakistan jiven main dekhia : safarnama . /Satnam Singh Manak.Azadi ke baad Lucknow ka afsanvi adab . /Abdool Rehaz Gokhool .From Volga to Ganga . / Rahula Sankrityayana Seven secrets of influence: portable power for the 21st century. /Elaina Zuker.  In search of freedom: journeys through Indian and South Asia. /Sagari Chhabra .Wisdom of compassion: stories of remarkable encounters and timeless insights. /Dalai Lama .Let's talk in english : practical guide to speaking fluent English . /Manish Gupta.


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